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Really an amazing life. Loving family, great best friends and real true friends, buddies from the other nations, enough foods and money, perfect healthy, and big destiny. What else? He gives me everything the best for me. Do you know Jesus?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my 2008

:: My Amazing 2008 with You ::

Yes yes! I really can’t believe that I’m here now! with the crazy NJT, and yeah… this is my amazing 2008!

Just wanna say thank you for my NJT! You guys my heroes, my transformers! Changes my life a lot! My 2008 is amazing, with all of you guys. From different churches, different characters, Not just being my best friends, but family! Yes we’re family guys ahaaa! Even the megacities is over, but we’re not yeah! Thanks for always support me, I grow so much this year because of you guys!

For my Youth Society, I still love you guys =] even I almost skip the service every week to ministry with the megacities, and yeah my focus is for megacities. But you’re the best for me! I still need you guys, I still need a church for me to growing. Sorry I know that’s my fault. Thanks for everything! Love you guys!
For bena, haha ben ben. I know you would be an amazing woman hey! Keep growing and yes you’re my sister, my best friend! Everything is possible ben! Love ya!
For Sharon, you’re my amazing leader. I miss to sharing with you! You’re funny but you’re mature too. I love you!

Hey the bule! I miss ya all! Thanks for everything, for teaching me English ha ha. Thanks for the experiences with you all. I love you all! Wait me, YWAM Perth haaa!

And especially for Jesus! Oh Lord You’re so faithful! Okay just want to remember all the things that He have done in my life, in my 2008.
Yes yes 1st I just born again August 2007. the process is so fast for me. But yeah not too fast. That’s PERFECT!
I just left that sin emmmmm April?
And I surrender my life July, 1st day of GYO!
And HMC, healing movement camp – yeah like deliverance thing. But that’s camp, July after GYO.
And join the megacities August hmmm? I guess.
But yes, that’s PERFECT, His time is PERFECT! Like I’ve wrote before, He want me to be free first before I go for Him, I mean outreach and that kind a stuff.
And I keep learning and learning. To surrender ALL – all yeah all! Everything – is not easy. Really fewhh… and to take up the cross daily, is really really hard!
But I know He with me always. And now, I learn about Him everyday and that’s super cool!
If I looking back of my life, my past. What I did in my past? That’s really not cool! I hate that.
I love my life now, with Him everyday that’s really awesome!

I want to keep growing in 2009. I want to walk with Him everyday in 2009. I want to know Him more, I want to bring more people for Him! I want my 2009 is more better than my 2008. I love my 2008 but I can’t wait for my 2009! I know I will love my 2009 more haha! I hope my 2009 is greater, and more fun than my 2008. I just want to be closer with Him each day in my life.

And yes, I love Him more in my 2008.
But I hope in 2009 I would more more more more more more more more more more loves Him!

Letter for Jesus, my best friend

:: Letter for Jesus, my best friend ::

When all my friends left me
When I can't trust anyone
I know You hold me
I know You take care of me

When they're lying
They talking behind me
I know You're there
I know I'm not alone

Jesus, my best friend
Never leave me, and never let me go
I love you, I love you
Cause I know i can trust You
Cause I know You're faithful
I will stay here forever
With You, Jesus

When I am weak
When I can't understand it all
I know You beside me
I know You loves me

When I face the truth
I feel like I hide enough
I know You still there
I know I'm with You

----- Lord I know there's none like You, like You're faithful love. I don't care, and I don’t want to trust them at all. I just want to trust You! Cause I know they will leave me but You’re not. Cause they’re lying, they talking about me behind me.
Today I just learn to give it all to you, my friendship and yes, my everything. I know lately I spend more time with my best friend, not with You. That’s my fault and I'm sorry Lord. And now they hurt me, and You just show the truth. So painful but I can understand it now. I did I cried but I’m smiling now. You never leave me alone, and yes I can understand now that You’re love is more than enough for me! Thank you Lord, cause You still loves me. Cause You warn me Lord. Thank you, my closest friend!

I love You more =]

Monday, December 22, 2008

i love beach!

So yeah finally I have my holiday! It’s not holiday but, kind a… actually, the youth leaders from my church have a meeting there, in the beach named anyer. Good place, very very good! I love that! So the meeting just for 1 day, and then we gonna have fun for 2 days more.
Yeah we did a lot of things. Banana boat! That’s so fun! I love that! And then we’re going to the middle of the sea and we walk there! Cause it’s not too deep, I can walk there =] and then play body board, so fun!
But the unforgettable moment is, when we’re on the way to the middle of the sea. I have a deep conversation with God! Soooo cool! I just pray for everyone, and I pray for my DTS. And I just remember the ‘wonderful maker’ song. Yess so wonderful! The seas, everything is wonderful. Yess You’re my wonderful God!
And He said to me when I see the water in the sea. Don’t worry about the money cause I will provide you, like that water, over flowing. Yes I amazed by Your love God!
My time, my pray, praise and worship time in that boat when we’re going to the middle of the sea is so cool! I really have a good time with Him. And that’s cool! I never do that before. I love Him more yes I know!
And after we’re playing in that beach until 6 PM. We’re going home and we having a great dinner. And then we have pray time. So yeah we pray and pray, to thanking God for everything, for this 2008 in my church. But yeah, I still praying for my DTS. I said : give me one more sign tonight! And I just talking like : I want go to DTS, Dad. This is the price and I don’t how to overcome it. I really want to pray for my YPDTS YWAM Perth 2011! And yeah we just pray and pray. And then Amen. Nothing… but one of my friend just sharing this one after we’re praying. He will provide everything that you want! If you asking, you already receive it. And he shared about faith in Him and yeah, that’s the answer! I know it’s not just a simple sharing, yess is it. But it’s more than that! That’s makes me stronger now. I know I would go for DTS. And that’s the answer, I already receive it, the money for my DTS!
And the beach makes me feel stronger now. yeah I have to be honest, I miss the bule so much. I just felt so alone, that’s bad I know. but almost everyday going out with them, and now? yeah but I’m much better now. and yes I’m not alone. I still have my friends from my church, my school, and my NJT too! Yeah from that ‘beach time’, I’m become closer again with my friends from my church. That’s really good cause during that outreach time I don’t have much time to going out with them. We have a recon with my friends, that’s really cool!
The ‘beach time’ makes me realize what happened in my life this year. So many amazing things.
God, You’re amazing!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Megacities =)

It’s a great great year!

It’s unbelievable I’m working with megacities. That’s soooooo awesome! Talking with the bule, have a great relationship like a best friends and family with them, and be a translator. It’s so amazing! and He totally change my mind, yes now I want to be a missionary! My English now is so much better. I improve so fast. And my faith is more stronger now, yes I believe You will provide me Lord. Yes yes! My spiritual thing – relation with God, hearing God voice – is more strong now.

It’s so a big blessing to work with megacities, and see my city is changing a lot. And see the youth movement. Oh not just youth, but the churches too! And see so many things happened in my life, in this city. See so many people be healed in Jesus name and so many salvation, so many people want us to pray with them in Jesus name, share His loves, spread the good news! For me, I’m still 16 years old. so young uh? But almost everyday I go to the slum – during this 6 months – and doing evangelism! Is it not crazy? 16 years old girl, doing evangelism? I cant believe that’s me?! He totally changes my life, ever! He’s awesome God!

I never thought I can be like this now. spend all my time with the poor people, feel their feeling, and I’m doing my school at the morning. But believe it or not, my score is much more better than before. Even so tired, but that’s true. how great He is!

Ya ya, about the teams hmmm… it’s been a great time guys to know you and being your friends. I cant believe it’s over now. the 4th wave leaving yesterday. So sad but I’m excited for the next year. Yeah weird yeah, almost everyday I spend my time with this team, they’re leaving, and the new team coming, and they’re leaving again. almost everyday I met them, and now just me and the NJT. Weird but that’s the best. We have our own calling.

Megacities is the great project for the cities. And I’m so excited for next year for megacities.

That’s a privilege to be a part of megacities. Thanks for the teams, for the bule, and for megacities =]

And we know, this is just the beginning

You're the God of this City

You're the King of these people

You're the Lord of this nation

You are

You're the Light in this darkness

You're the Hope to the hopeless

You're the Peace to the restless

You are

There is no one like our God

There is no one like our God

For greater things have yet to come

And greater things are still to be done in this City

Greater thing have yet to come

And greater things are still to be done in this City

There is no one like our God

There is no one like our God

For greater things have yet to come

And greater things are still to be done in this City

Greater things have yet to come

And greater things are still to be done here

There is no one like our god

There is no one like our God

Greater things have yet to come

And greater things are still to be done in this City

Greater things have yet to come

And greater things are still to be done here

Yes I still believe You’re the God of Jakarta

And for all the teams, we don’t need to say goodbye, ha ha. I believe we will meet again, someday somewhere. Or just wait me in Perth – Amen!

We don’t need to say goodbye!


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