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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It start now! :)

So hmmm! I just graduate from school last week. Great! Here's some updates!

I've been thinking about DTS Application. And I'm asking some of my friends. They said I have to print it out soon. After I know I'm graduate from school of course.

So yeah.. Last Friday I just print it out. I don't know why it feels like, I really need to print it today.
And all seems like: okay I have time now to print it.
So I print it out..

Let me explain. I want Him to show me every step that I should take, specific. Like: "when I should print my Application. when I should pay for registration. when I should fill the Application". Yap, I need He direct my way always. That's all about surrendering my life.

So, I just print them out. Even it seems need a lot of sacrifice. I need to go to (maybe) 4 stores to print, but it's not working. And in the last store, I just found it. But it's so expensive. But something strong keep telling me: I need to print it today. So yes, I print it.

At night, I give it to my friend so she can fill the Friend Reference. And suddenly she said to me: hey I just thinking of it this afternoon.
Yes I was talked with her like 4 months ago about this stuff. But just once. And I don't think she will remember it or yeah, thinking of it.

And I suddenly know, yes this is the confirmation that I should print it today. We're think of it in 1-same-day! And I'm amazed how God really talk to me, and direct my ways.

So, let's see what's going next (I am excited!!!). And now I try to fill the DTS Application. Pray for me :) Blessings!

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