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Friday, October 3, 2008

NZ team

I just met them 2 days ago. So yeah, I will be their fasilitator during this 2 months with hans-why I must with him? Haha, just kidding hans.
Anyway, 1st time I met them, I just felt like I have met them before. Like, its not my first time to see them. I just keep it inside, and I just asked God. What is that means? And im so confused about the schedule cause hans not in Jakarta for 3 days, he go to his camp. So, we just have praise and worship time for the 1st day.
So yeah, I went to their apartement yesterday for praise and worship time. When we start, I just focus and I pray. But, at the time when I opened my eyes, I just felt like I have been there before. I have the same experience before. And yes! I remember I have a dream like that. A vision like that. All is same! And when I tired to remember what time I get that dream, maybe 2 years ago? Or 1 year ago? Cause I remember at that time, I just woke up and I said, “what kind of that dream? Its crazy. Im with the bule? What is that means?” and yeah, I think I have that dream before I born again.
That’s crazy! I felt like, Jesus really want me to go with this team. He plan that all before I be a real Christian! That’s awesome! And I know He have a big plan for me.
That’s why He choose me to go with New Zealand team. Not the Perth team or Sunshine Coast team. They all cool! But, its like He want me to be with New Zealand team. I think, I will have a great experience with them! I will learn something, yes!

Romans 8:28

I felt so confused when I opened and saw ywam web. I don’t know. I just feel like, that’s crazy! I don’t know, I have a big worries. I don’t know where He want me to be. I don’t know when He want me to go. I don’t know why I felt, no joy? I still don’t know till now. But at that time, Pet online and we’re chatting. And then she’s pray for me.
In her pray, she put some verse. Romans 8:28. I just read it. And I’m shocked. Before I chat with Pet, I just opened Fredrick’s profile. And I read his favorite quotes. Romans 8:28. so, I keep that verse for my confirmation. I know God will provide me, amin!


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