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Really an amazing life. Loving family, great best friends and real true friends, buddies from the other nations, enough foods and money, perfect healthy, and big destiny. What else? He gives me everything the best for me. Do you know Jesus?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Walk 1 Lap

2nd Week!! Maureen, our speaker, is the leader of DTS. This week is about God's character. I loves all the teaching, and her testimony of her life. She speaking about Trinity. I already knew some, but this week I know much deeper. And I love the worship. Worship is my strength.

But I want to tell you my testimony. I still need 2.590 AUD. And I do pray a lot for it. Doing my quiet time every afternoon in the oval, not too far from our base where I stay. One day in my quiet time. I asked God, how can I get money for my lecture fees. And suddenly I heard a voice said: do walk 1 lap after quiet time. And I did that. When I walked, I felt like God will give me 100 AUD. And I start thinking, maybe the money is in.. the grass!! So I looked around. But not there :p

After that 1 lap of walking, I felt I need to write letters to all my friends. And I did that. I sent to all my friends, on facebook message. To make the story short, one of my friend asked me how can I send you money. And I tell her how. But the best thing is.. she sent me the exact 100 AUD!!

God is faithful.


This 3rd week we have repentance and forgiveness lecture. It's gonna be so exciting and can't wait for more life changing :)




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Thursday, January 20, 2011

hearing God's voice

so, I'm at Perth now :) thanks for all the prayer and the support!!

This first week we just know our schedule. pretty tight but it's exciting! in lecture we have: Hearing God's voice. The Queen of Sheba do everything to hear Solomon's wisdom (2 Chronicles 9:1-12). he just Solomon. won't you do everything to hear God's voice?

I really know the reasons why I'm going to DTS. I heard He calling me, and I love Him too much just to ignore His call.

but still, I need to fight here :p
would you guys pray for me?:
-finances. okay. I still need 2.590 AUD for my lecture fees. I don't know how to pay it. but just like before. I didn't know how to pay my visa, my flight, but God provide. and I know for this one too, He will provide.
-getting know people here better. we're just like 12 girls in 1 room, haha, and YPDTS is 53 in 1 class. and I'm not really good in talking with new people. just pray that I will be my self.
-to really understand every lecture. it's kinda hard cause English is my 2nd language. and the books that I need to read.
-creativity. I need ideas for my fundraising. and for my journal and everything too.

thank you guys for support and prayer. I really do need that. blessings all over you!!

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