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Sunday, March 6, 2011

surprise ;)

What a week! Been busy with Dance Party, Camping, and Fundraise. So much fun, so intense.

I want to share what God had been doing in my life. This last 2 week we have "Fear of the Lord" and "Lordship", and next week we have "Authority and Submission". So intense, so challenging. But I learn so much.. I learn so much how to be obey.

2 weeks a go on Wednesday, I can't sleep. Thinking about all the fees. And I get up, stay awake until 3.30AM, which is crazy cause I have morning exercise at 6AM. I talk a lot with God.. And God told me to share in front of the class about how He provide me until I got here. I felt crazy! I never want to do that. Share in front of 60 people. But God keep telling me that.

And finally.. Last Monday I shared!! I have my note with me, but suddenly when I get to the front, it's gone.. So I spoke without any note, and I'm not even shaking-it's weird. And I baked cookies for my classmate. For the first time I baked! With a help from my leaders and Gabby-my Indonesian friend. This cookies is amazing. I dont have money to buy it. I talked to a person who raise her money through cookies, and I pray to God I need 20 dollar for the ingredients. And suddenly one day, this person give me all the ingredients! But when I pray, God told me to gave it all to my classmate. So I did it! 28 February 2011, I shared in front of the class and gave the cookies!! :)

I felt so crazy to shared in front of the class about what I need. But I did it. After I shared, Quenton - my school leader, said to all the class to pray for me. And we all together pray for me. It's amazed me how I see all my friends support me in prayer. How God gave me words to speak. How God gave me strength to shared.

So, I want you guys to pray about:
-Finances. Yes yes ;) After I shared, the money just non stop coming. It's crazy. I see breakthrough in this area, a lot. Last wednesday, I woke up, and just felt like: "aaah, get closer to finances due." But God said: "Why wont you say: this is another day to see more money coming, this is the day to see My Greatness?". I felt so sorry for that, and now every morning, I says this is another day to get more money. And it's real! I see it coming everyday, even just 25 dollar.
I just got my visa for my 1st place! And will process my visa for Iceland this week, so I need to see more money to coming soon ;)
I still need 300AUD for my lecture fees. And 5900AUD for my outreach. Just in 1 week, God provide 1800AUD for me. That's amazing ;)
I have a project called blessed to be a blessings. The picture is down there. If you need more info, let me know your email ;) And it would be great too if I can have 250 people who can donate 25AUD. It will cover all ;)
-My Outreach team. Pray that we got the unity, got the love for one another. There's so many nations in my team: Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Canada, OZ. And pray for our finances as a team. In my team there's 6 people who still need money for outreach. Our finances due is 16th March.
-Strength. It's so intense. I easily get tired. And get a bit stress. Pray for my healthy, so I can receive all the lectures fully.
-Future!! Haha. I dont know why I want you guys to pray for it. But just pray that God will tell me what should I do after DTS ;)

Thanks guys for all the support, all the prayer. God is real. He surprise me a lot.

Love, Tirza


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