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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hey guys! I hope everyone have a good day. Thank you guys for all the prayer and support. I just finished my 4th week in DTS. I can’t believe it’s almost a month I left Jakarta!!!

I love Perth. It’s a quiet city if you compare with Jakarta, but it’s really cool. I love the beaches, city, kings park, and I saw kangaroo!

God had been teaching me about hearing His voice, His character, repentance and forgiveness, and this week we learning about intercession and worship. I have had a great time here. Before I get here I thought I already knew all the lectures is. But it’s really shocking me!! There is so many things I’ve learned. Knowing Him deeper and being closer every day. Hear the things that I’ve never thought before like this week we learned about intercession. I know that prayer is important, but I didn’t know why I need to pray. It’s a way for us to communicate and relate with God, to know His thought and hear His voice. My relationship with Him is getting deeper.

We will know where we going for outreach soon. We’re going to Asia or Africa, Europe, and then go to the other part of Australia. It’s gonna be awesome. Preach the gospel and to see the changing of all people life in all over the world. Really seek God and His glory in all over the world.

So I will write down my prayer list. Please pray for:
-finances. Praise God I got 370 AUD. I need 2220 AUD more for lecture fees. If you want to support me and be partner with me to do this mission through supporting me in finances, just click here: Who is it for (recipient name): Tirza Pusphita Sari. School payment: Discipleship Training School - Young Peoples. And down the school payment, choose the school fees.
Or if you get confused or want to ask me about anything, just ask me!! :) 
-openess. To be open to God fix the things that I need to fix. To open my heart and mind for everything He speaks to me.
-creativity. I need ideas for my fundraising. And for my work duty here!! As student we have work duty every week days. And I’m in media :) doing the designs, power point, videos, etc. There’s a lot things to do and a lot of creativity in need.
So, thanks guys for always support me and praying for me. I love you guys!! Really a blessings in my life. Thanks thanks!

Blessings for all of you, Tirza



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