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Friday, October 29, 2010

I got my visa!!

So, like the subject of this message. as some of you guys know. I would go to YPDTS this Januari. I just got my visa!! *screaming: I am finally going!! It's become so real!!* I'm excited about what will goin' on about this 2 months before fly to Perth. and more excited about DTS!! just see my classmate and I think they're cool :p

It's been hard time. the visa's taking a long process and the most complicated one. I listen to Jesus Culture's song: "You are Faithful", over and over again. and big yes, through all the processes He's faithful. somehow when I felt down, then some voice just asked me. where's your faith? so, I want to encourage you guys to keep going to do His calling in your life. keep your faith!

and now, the next step is: FLIGHT!
please pray for it. that I can found the cheapest one *I really hope I will have the cheapest one*. and wisdom to choose the best one for me.

there's some things that I need you guys to pray with me:
-my readiness. I need to fix and doing a lot of things to get ready.
-financial. I think I could pay for the flight to go to Perth. but not yet to back to Indonesia. ahaaaaaaa.. I still want to back to Indonesia!! hehe. And the school fees. first is the lecture fees. still need a lot to be covered. I want to do some fundraising. but I have no idea. some ideas guys? :)
-focus on God not DTS or other things.
-to get courage. so many processes and sometimes I felt discourage. yes, I'm still human. the only thing that makes me stand still is God. no one can understand, but God do understand me. knowing He's always there is the best feeling ever!! :)

so, that's it for now. I will keep you the updates.


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