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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So, what do you think when you heard about "souls"?
Well, let me tell you what happened with my life lately. Today is my last day to go to school. And it's mean, I don't have much time with my friends like before.

Last Sunday, I go to network meeting. And some of them sharing their life. They are GREAT! They are giving their life for souls. And they are my friends. I just thinking, what's goin' on now in my life? I am too busy. For study, for church, for something-that-not-too-important.

Last Monday, I gave my brochure about Gift (8th Anniversary of Youth Society) to one of my friend. And suddenly, all my friends asking me about this brochure. Just a little thing I do, just obeying Him that day.

And today, I don't know why I am feeling sad. Maybe it because I have to say "goodbye-for-a-while" with some of my friends. But.. Maybe not that.
I felt sad when we're gathering on 1 class. So full. Full of a senior highschool students that will graduate soon. I just remembering the first time I go to school, and see this "crowded".

And at night, I go to prayer meeting. God has talk alot!
What I am doing for this 3 years on high school? Where's my fruits? Am I doing my best?

Nope. And I feel so sorry with that. I am too busy. I am too selfish. I am too shy.
I'm not giving my best for this 3 years. I'm not talking enough about Jesus with them.
But hey.. I have to move and move on. I have to work more for souls.

Guys, giving your best before it's too late. Before you regret it. Preach the Gospel as much as you can!

souls: love them as well as you can, spend with them as much as you have, share with them as many as you have

James 2:14 - My brothers and sisters, if people say they have faith, but do nothing, their faith is worth nothing. Can faith like that save them?

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