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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my 'toughandfullofsurprise' year. in every year I'll praise You!

I came to my Junior Church group. They have a celebration for Christmas.

To make this story short, the youth pastor sing this song: Casting Crows - Who Am I.

and here's some lyrics: "I am a flower quickly fading. Here today and gone tomorrow. A wave tossed in the ocean. Vapor in the wind. Still You hear me when I'm calling. Lord, You catch me when I'm falling. And You've told me who I am. I am Yours.."

this 2009 is not a easy year for me definitely. so much pain, from the end of 2008 till now. I can say in every aspect. family, school, future, friends, love, emmm everything.

but when I heard: I am the flower quickly fading. yes I am. so easy to fall, so easy to get tired. but still You CATCH me when I'm FALLING.

realize what God have done for my 2009. so struggling to stand still. but see what God gives to me!

maybe if i'm not passing that 'hurtpainfulloftears'time, i'm not gonna be this STRONG. I'm not in this 'level'. I'm not going to Malay. I'm not knowing what God wants in my life.

really, I enjoy everytime I fall. cause I know God's my only strength and He helps me. and in the end I will know, I become STRONGER

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