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Sunday, July 4, 2010

He help me, on time

so guys here's some updates! i just got amazed by how God really work on time!
as you guys know, I was working my application. it's not easy. I need a really quiet time to fill them up, so i just went to my friend house to fill it up :p and for the medical check up. we just rejected once, and it felt so hard (honestly). I felt the hard atmosphere. but in the last day before Jeffry (the one who will brought my application straight to Perth, cause he's staffing and left 2nd July), I just got my medical check up!! It's really like, God help me out of this. and for that day, is a very very full day. I didn't have time to go to money changer. but suddenly one of my friend just lend his money. I really do need it that time. cause if i got to pay it with credit card, i think there's a tax there.
so that's all my update for YPDTS. i need your pray that God may show me where I should go :) and let His will be done, not mine. God bless y'll!

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