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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

He is faithful, He is!!

so guys.. I just received an email that I've been accepted to the Young People's Disciple Training School in YWAM Perth for January 2011. I can't stop smiling when I received it, really.. Maybe for some of you know that it's been 2 years waiting for this DTS. He is faithful.. through so many process, I stand in His promise for me, and finally now ready to go to mission field.
for next it's not getting easier, but I know for sure God is with me.
so, would you guys pray with me?? :)
1. the next step is applying visa. I need $100 for deposit and $250.25 for Overseas Student Health Cover. for the lecture phase around $3530. and for all the etc *so many etc there :p
2. a heart and eyes that fix on God. focus on Him, not on this DTS stuff

I know for sure this 6 months in DTS will changes me, a lot.
And I just want to share some with you guys!! last Saturday, before I received this email, I felt like I'm really down. so many things happened, and it gets me down. and when it was a youth service, on a preaching time, I'm going to toilet and just being there. I need to relax and just being alone. so I'm waiting and waiting.. but at one moment I felt like, okay I'm back to that service. I sited at the behind of the computer's, I operated the computer at that moment. the preaching is so long.. and it comes to an end. he is praying for us. but suddenly he stop. and he started saying: "is there any one of you have a heart for being a full timer?? I would like to pray for you". my heart is beating so hard, am asking: is that me, God?!! and he becomes more specific: for someone that is promising God to be a missionary 1-3 years ago. I'm shocked and I raised half of my hand but I was behind the computer. so he can't see me. but he just kept asking: is there any one of you?!! and finally I raised my hand high. after I raised my hand, he start praying. there's something, not about his prayer, that's touch my heart and suddenly my tears run down. a peace that I know I would go to YPDTS.

so yeah, guys please keep praying for me. that His will be done in my life.

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