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Sunday, August 22, 2010

His time is PERFECT!!

so guys. as you know, I need $100 for deposit and $250.25 for the Overseas Student Health Cover. and God just provide me in everything!! it's quite fast, and I still have a bit more. but here's the thing that I want to share: one day, I checked my bank account. and suddenly God just said this when I looked at that number: You know what. I will give You more than this number right after You paid all the deposit and Overseas Student Health Cover. I just smile and asking myself, how could it be? $350.25 is a quite big number for me. and when I paid it all, it would be much less. I just keep it in my mind and think that it maybe not God that is talking with me. maybe that just me.. and this week. I'm just having my tough time. I'm not passionate in anything. last tuesday everything just be done, and I was going to the bank to paid the rest with my dad, cause I'm using his credit card. so we transfer the money to my dad's account. everything well. but I felt like, I need to check my bank balance. and when I checked, I am shocked. it's more than before. my dad just look at me, and I said that one of my friend just message me that he want to help me. that's true, one of my friend just message me. I was not remembering the promise of God that the number will become more after I paid it all, not become less. cause I think it just me, I don't think that's God's voice. but at night I was going to Senen cause I need to share some word's of God there. and I was on the bus. suddenly all things just like a film in my head. I remember it.. and really felt God's grace all around me. and I shared about this on that night. all things is just clear, I am passionate again!! I just think, what if I paid it faster? or what if I'm not checked it again? See, God is working! and He is faithful. His promise is Yes and Amen! His time is PERFECT!

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