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Really an amazing life. Loving family, great best friends and real true friends, buddies from the other nations, enough foods and money, perfect healthy, and big destiny. What else? He gives me everything the best for me. Do you know Jesus?

Monday, March 23, 2009


18 February 2009

If you’ve been hurt by a friend, you’ve probably got some big scars. The truth is, you’ve only got a couple of options about how to handle your pain. You can look at your scars everyday and let them remind you how hurt you’ve been. You can think about them all the time. You can spend hours plotting revenge or deciding what kind of snide remark to make the next time you see your friend. You can tell everybody else how badly you were treated. You can hold a grudge. Eventually that grudge will turn to hatred and bitterness. And you won’t ever be satisfied. You’ll just end up rehearsing your pain day after day, and it will finally eat you up. You’ll regret how much of your life was spent wallowing in misery.
The other option is a combination of two powerful expressions: grace and forgiveness. Grace means forgiving a friend even when he or she doesn’t deserve it. After that, live your forgiveness. Your words and your actions will show that you have truly forgiven. The 1st option keeps you in chains. The second one sets you free. Forgiveness frees your heart to love your friend the way God loves you!

Honestly, still hard for me to forgive. So many hurts that I get.
Okay, in the beginning. I’m struggling because of this problem for a long time. Not too long, but really makes me sick.
And yesterday, God just said: you have to fasting tomorrow!
I replied: for what?
God said: to forgive.

I just obey and, in the afternoon. I think, 12 PM, I just want to do my worship time! I miss that time. But I can’t at that time. I’m still at school.
I go home at 4 PM. And ate, watched some films, take a shower, and I felt so tired. I just want to sleep…

But, I don’t know why I open my ‘Music’ folder in my laptop. I played some songs. And just goes on… 7 or 8 songs.

And I get that. I read that on the Bible New Century Version – Joy just borrow me that Bible *thanks Joy.

God said to me: if you love Me, forgives her. And forget it all.
I said: how can? It’s too hard. I can’t do it myself alone.
God said: I will help you.

I know He just give me a test. He’s the teacher. And we’re doing our test. But He’s a very very kind teacher. If we said: we can’t answer *means through* this test, He will help us through it all =)

how can i stop thanking You, Lord

Yesterday I just played some of my songs. And I opened some of the pictures in my laptop. And, this is what I get

.Heart of Worship – Hillsong
.All for love – Hillsong

and I just can say this:
How can I stop thanking You, Jesus!

For all that you have done. For all that you give to me.

And guys, I just wanna say thank you! You all amazing! I never thought I’m gonna be here right now writing this note for you all. I never thought that I would be like this, having this one’s amazing life =) I’m just nothing. But He really loves me, and you! And yes, I’m amazed!


God is amazing, all the time. And now, I just can feel His heartbeat, so fast, faster than before and before.

So many signs, He’s coming soon. And 1 day, I prayed like this:
God, just come now! I’ve been waiting for long! You know I miss you lot! Want to see You face to face!

But, I just remember about my brother. He still in the processing and I believe that he will live his life in the right way soon! Amen!
And I remember all of my friends that didn’t know yet about Jesus. And I want them to feel their wonderful life with Jesus! And I remember people in the slums. This ibu, this bapak. All of the lost souls. And I found that I’m too selfish. Too selfish to ask Him come now. So many people, are going to hell now! And what we gonna do? Just be happy cause He’s coming soon? Or afraid and we just thinking of our sins? I mean, that’s right. That’s fine! But 1 thing that you guys have to remember, keep on fire to wins the souls! Even it’s not easy, to preach the gospel to our family or our best friends. But, having that compassion guys! And you have to know that you’re the winner! Let all the world see that Jesus Christ is the living God!

His heartbeat is faster than yesterday, cause so many people go to hell! And no one care about them! He need us, He need us to help them know about Him!

He’s coming soon, are your mission complete yet?

anyway, heartbeat? i love that word =)


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